Woodlawn, a Chicago Neighborhood, is Getting New Life

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Woodlawn Chicago Neighborhood

Woodlawn -- The Chicago neighborhood, Woodlawn, is seeing new life as developers take notice of the amenities in the area and start to develop the neighborhood.

Developers are planning to build 30 single family homes, 12 townhomes, condos, apartments, and commercial buildings in the near future.  This comes on the heels of offers of tax incentives and government subsidies, but it also has to do with the underrated neighborhood itself.  Bill Williams, founder of KMW Communities, said that he hadn't thought about Woodlawn until a friend introduced him to the scene.  

"I just thought Woodlawn had all these anchors that make a great neighborhood.  We were wondering why there hadn't been further development," said Williams.  The neighborhood is the home to the University of Chicago, museums, and the future site of the presidential library.  It is also accessible by the Green line.

Construction is due to start in February with Studio Dwell.  They are the firm that designed the modern construction seen in Bucktown.  "These buildings are going to have a striking design," said Williams.

Greenline Development is also planning a development in the neighborhood.  They will be building 9 single family homes.

Construction plans are all mostly surrounding the university.

A commercial project, $28 million Woodlawn Station will have 15k in retail space as well as affordable housing.

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