Windy City: Construction Workers Stuck in High-rise Due to Dangerous Winds

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Windy City: Construction Workers Stuck in High rise to Dangerous Winds

Chicago, IL -- Seven construction workers were stuck in a high-rise in downtown Chicago when high winds forced the workers to stay put.

On Friday, winds were measured at 69 MPH in downtown.  Construction workers were asked to remain where they were until they could safely evacuate the high-rise at 150 N. Riverside - a 54 story building in downtown Chicago.

Three other buildings were evacuated on North Wacker Drive due to debris shattering windows.

To be cautious, the workers remained in the building because they would have needed to use ladders to go from one floor to the next.  "There's no sense in taking a chance," said Fire Chief Michael Fox.

Road blocks were set up on Wacker, Lake, and Randolph due to flying debris.  Firefighters were stationed outside the building where the workers were trapped.

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