Weird Construction: A Giant Tractor Stolen from Construction Site

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construction newsSalt Lake City, UT -- It appears someone took a front-end loader tractor for a joy ride this week.  The $130k tractor went missing sometime between 6pm Monday and 7am Tuesday.

No one knows how the large machine went missing without much notice, or how it was driven on public roads without anyone seeming to notice.  The Weber County Sheriff's office is seeking any information.

A tipster called and sent a picture to the sheriff's office of the front-loader in a residential driveway.  However, by the time police got there, the tractor was missing again.  The photo showed the front-loader standing nearly as tall as the row home it was in front of.

Sheriff Findlay said, "I don't know how someone keeps that in their garage or their house."  The tractor is still missing.