Walmart Foundation Grant Provides Women a Chance to Try Construction

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women in construction | F.E. Moran

Waterloo -- The Iowa Workforce Development are using the Walmart Foundation Grant for $75,000 to introduce low-income women to the construction industry.

Construction is the second highest paying industry for men enrolled in the Promise Jobs program; however, only 2.3% of women are in this workforce.  Data suggests that construction will be growing in both open positions and wages.  Now is the time to introduce low-income women to this profession. 

The grant will purchase a construction equipment simulator, a general instructor, and an assistant.  The simulator will be used as part of a six-step workshop.

The program's goal is to give low-income women with families the opportunity to receive hands-on experience in this industry, so they can move on to higher performing jobs.  In the end, the state of Iowa hopes to reduce the number of people on Welfare.

"This is a great opportunity for women to learn about good paying, available jobs in the construction industry," said Director Townsend.  "We encourage interested women to try their hand at operating heavy machinery in a safe environment.  This program is not only a gateway to increasing the number of women in the construction field, but also a pathway to a challenging, good paying, and sustainable career for women." 

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