Why Virtual Tours are Important in Real Estate

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Purpose: To provide property managers with insights on why virtual tours are important for their buildings.


  • Why should a property manager invest in producing virtual tours?

  • Does it really matter if a complex provides virtual tours?

  • What are the key qualities of virtual tours that convert?

In today’s modern world, everything can be found online. Now, buyers and renters begin searching for properties via the internet. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, 50% of today's buyers found their home online.

As a property manager, you’ll want to create a significant online presence for your property— one effective way to do this is through virtual tours. It’s imperative that your online tools clearly communicate the value of your spectacular building. Therefore, we’ll cover the impact that a virtual tour can have on attracting buyers and/or renters to your building, and how you can develop a virtual tour for your property.

What is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour is a way to showcase your property online. With a virtual tour, you can create high-quality images or video footage that simulate the presence of an actual tour. Through a virtual tour, you’ll be able to showcase your property to a wide range of potential buyers as they search for different buildings online.

Pro property manager tip: In addition to the main rooms of the space, be sure to highlight unique qualities like crown molding, granite countertops, or custom architecture.

By viewing your building and all of its special features online, interested buyers can conveniently screen your property to determine their level of interest. And, as you make your tours more accessible to everyone by showcasing your building online, you may increase your chances of landing the perfect sale.

Interact with Potential Customers

Even though virtual tours take place online, they can still be an extremely interactive way to engage with potential customers — especially younger or tech-savvy buyers. Internet users appreciate the transparency of feeling like they’ve visited a location prior to actually walking through the doors. By adding virtual tours to your online repertoire, you can enhance your online user experience, which might translate to a higher reach both online and in-person for your company.

In addition, you can gauge how many interested buyers are viewing your property by referencing your website’s analytics. This could help you estimate how successful your current marketing techniques and virtual tours are in terms of attracting customers online.

A Smart Investment

Investing in virtual tours could be an smart addition to your business. Here are some ways that investing in the production of a virtual tour could pay off for you:

  • Virtual tours last forever

  • You can repurpose photos and videos on your website, social media, and emails

  • Creating a virtual tour is a one-time endeavor, then you can reap the benefits for years to come

In addition, virtual tours allow for increased efficiency for both you and interested buyers. As a property manager, you and your team will spend less time scheduling and guiding live tours of the property, allowing you more time to complete essential tasks around your building. And, interested buyers will also benefit from decreased travel time to your property, as they can initially view the facility via a virtual tour.

Virtual tours have the added benefit of narrowing down the prospect pool. Only those potential buyers or tenants that are most interested in the property will schedule showings. This will save property management companies money in staffing costs by reducing the number of showings to pre-qualified prospects.

Qualities of Great Virtual Tours

Virtual tours show what can be difficult to describe in words. Therefore, virtual tours consist of a series of photographs or a recorded video of the property. Here are specific ways that property managers can create impressive virtual tours that convert:

  • Follow the natural path of an in-person tour

  • Include only high-quality videos and photos

  • Provide plenty of light in every image — when possible, natural light is best

  • Remember to highlight unique home features

  • Provide details (like square footage) in footnotes or edited on the images

  • Be sure to clean and stage all spaces prior to documenting the virtual tour

Couple bought new house

In addition to interior tours of the home, you may consider including additional spaces in the tour. For example, these areas could appear in the virtual tour:

  • Laundry rooms

  • Shared conference rooms

  • Outdoor features like backyards or gardens

  • Local attractions such as a beach, park, or downtown area

Do you plan on showcasing your property through virtual tours?

In Conclusion

Having a virtual tour for your property will put you a step higher than competitors that may not be using technology to streamlines their customer’s experience.

As property managers continue to invest in tenant amenities to improve their facilities, it’s important to showcase these impressive features through virtual tours. The ultimate selling asset of your property could be a virtual tour. So, be sure to consider a virtual tour for your facility.

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