Video: Chiller Hoist at Historic Chicago Building

Chiller Hoist.png

On August 28, 2018, the morning was stormy with downpour after downpour.

I arrived at the chiller hoist at 6:45am to be greeted with dark clouds rolling in.  Minutes after I got to the site, the rain began.  The wind shifted and the rain came at us sideways. Those of us at the job site ran for cover under a nearby bridge.

This lasted for a few hours as we milled about discussing the next steps.

Was the hoist going to be canceled?  We only had a permit for so long.  It wasn't ideal.

By 10am, the sun started to show and the hoist was back on.  I took the elevator to the roof of a historic building near McCormick Place and could see everything: Soldier Field, Willis Tower, Lake Michigan, and more.

The Project

F.E. Moran had replaced most of the chillers on the roof of a historic downtown Chicago building.  However, one row of 20-year-old chillers had yet to be replaced.

On August 28, we removed the old hood and chillers with a crane hoist.  We then hoisted up the new chillers and put the hood back.

See the crane hoist below.

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