US Construction Getting Green Light After Downturn

When a construction project is put on hold, when it is brought back, sometimes it is used for a new purpose.  F.E. Moran Fire Protection had to deal with this situation on a Wacker Dr. project.  Click here to see how they dealt with that.

Construction projects across the nation are booming.  Many projects stalled during the economic downturn, but those same projects are getting new life.

The construction of office buildings, hotels, and apartment buildings started picking up in New York, San Francisco, and Boston quite a few years ago.  Now it is spreading to the rest of the nation - including our home of Chicago!

"What's turning around is businesses are just comfortable enough that.....they need to start expanding some of their facilities," said Kermit Baker, Chief Economist at the American Institute of Architects.  "There's a lot more optimism out there."

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