U.S. Energy Information Admin Predicting Lower Heating Costs this Winter

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The U.S. Energy Information Administration is predicting lower heating costs this winter.  The heat savings could be down as much as 5% from last year with natural gas heat.  Heat powered by electricity could be down as much as 2% this winter.

The cost of natural gas and electricity is predicted to remain the same as last year, but forecasts anticipate a warmer winter.

You can make the heat costs go down even more by following these tips:

  • Cover the windows and unused doors with plastic to seal out the winter chill.
  • Turn down the boiler or furnace, and use a portable heater that you can use in the rooms you frequent.
  • Insulate the attic or seal it during the winter.
  • Tune up your boiler or furnace to make sure it is running efficiently.
  • Use an HVAC automation system that you can adjust for certain times of day.
  • Commission, re-commission, or retro-commission your HVAC system to guaruntee it is performing at its peak.


What are some other things you do to save on heating bills?