Top Ten Construction Blog Posts of 2015

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Top 10 Construction Blog Posts of 2015 | The Moran Group

Let's celebrate the end of the year with a top ten of our most popular blog posts of 2015.  The top read posts range from plumbing how-tos to construction accidents.  Find out what our number one post was!

10)  Man Killed at Construction Site in Chicago 

Chicago, IL -- A worker was killed on Friday when equipment blew up in his face at a Chicago construction site. 

9)  Top 10 Weird Things Found During Construction 

Inspired by a few stories we have posted lately - one about an ancient burial ground and another about a Neolithic hideout during construction excavation - we decided to search out some of the oddest things found during construction. 

8)  Check Out These Hilarious Plumbing Fails put together a list of the best plumbing fails.  Check them out here. 

7)   Missing Boy's Body Found at Construction Site

A 7 year old boy's body was found at a construction site this morning. 

The boy went missing after playing with friends at a nearby park on Sunday.  When he failed to come home, a missing person's search went into effect.  This morning, his body was found at a construction site. 

6)  Natural Ways to Unclog a Drain 

My bathroom sink drain clogs constantly. It has come to the point that every time my husband shaves, I hand him the $2 white, plastic snare. One shave, and no water goes down the sink. It's ridiculous.

5)   Illinois Construction Worker Killed in Site Robbery

South Holland, IL -- Police are searching for a gunman who shot a construction worker at a job site in the middle of the day.

The victim, Sergio Varela, 42, was working at a vacant home doing electrical work for a rehab project when three men approached the site.  They asked if the men needed help.  When they were told no, the gunman opened fire.  They shot Varela multiple times and he died at the scene. 

4)   One Dead in Construction Accident at Jourdan River Steamer

Hancock, MS -- A concrete contractor was killed when he was attempting to fix a sagging floor that ultimately collapsed on top of him. 

3)   Best Practices for Running a Safety Toolbox Talk

Toolbox Safety Talks are a great way to start off the work day. They keep safety front of mind and help remind construction workers of the hazards of not following proper safety precautions. An injury on the job could cost a company millions and an employee his or her career. Having a "safety first" mentality benefits all parties. 

2)  Discolored Water:  What Different Colors Can Tell You About Your Water Supply 

On the occasion my kitchen sink's cold water faucet has yellow water.  This prompted me to my favorite resource, Google!  Here are some common causes of discolored water. 

AND, number one is.... 

1)  Home Plumbing - How to Fix a Slow Drain

Having a slow running drain in your house can be an annoying plumbing problem. The water and goop seems to take forever to run out, and a greasy residue is always left in your bath tub or sinks when it finally does drain out.