Top 10 Weird Things Found During Construction

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Inspired by a few stories we have posted lately - one about an ancient burial ground and another about a Neolithic hideout during construction excavation - we decided to search out some of the oddest things found during construction. Here's our top ten list:


1. A stone well found underneath the floor of a kitchen that was being renovated.

2. During a school construction that took place on an old park, which had been converted from an old cemetery, dozens of bones and headstones were found during excavation. Most of the bodies had been moved to a new cemetery, but some were left behind and found during the project.

3. While installing a gas tank at an existing home, someone found Civil War era binoculars.

4. An Indian burial ground was found while doing underground construction in Los Angeles. Each item (bones, jewelry, pottery) found needed to be blessed by a tribe member and reburied.

5. While constructing Coors Field, dinosaur bones were found. Eventually the whole skeleton was found as well as an egg. The egg became part of the Rockies marketing plans when they said he "hatched" into their new mascot, Dinger the dinosaur.

6. In southern California, carved pieces of bone and pictographs were found on rocks with tools and beads during excavation.

7. During excavation work near an old train station, the ground collapsed and an old hideout and liquor storage area was found from the prohibition era.

8. In southeastern Colorado, while working on building a new road, a complete fossil of a mastodon was found. It's now in a museum.

9. While excavating near Augusta, GA, an entire whale carcass was found. The oddest thing is that the site wasn't that close to the coast.

10. A 1,000 pound bomb was found during excavation at future Harris Teeter site. It turned out that the site used to be a Naval Gun Factory.

well found during excavation#1 - Well found under kitchen floor

civil war era binoculars#3 - Civil War era binoculars found at construction site