Top 10 Ways to Get Your Home Winter Ready

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Top Ten Ways to Winterize Your Home | F.E. Moran

Winter is coming...

Not in the Game of Thrones way, but you know what I mean.  Here is our top ten ways to get your home ready for winter. 

1)  Add throw rugs to your home, it will help insulate and keep the heat in your home (and your toes toasty!).

2)  Do you use a boot tray?  Here's a bonus for you, add pebbles from Home Depot and it will drain the water from your boots and actually make them dry instead of just sitting in melted water.

3)  Instead of using salt that eats away at your sidewalk, use 1 teaspoon of Dawn, 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and 1/2 gallon of hot water.  Pour the solution over the frozen sidewalk.

4)  Use a draft snake (it's like a long, skinny pillow) underneith your doors to keep drafts out.

5)  Change your furnace filters.  Dirty furnace filters restrict airflow and cause a higher demand in energy use.

6)  Reverse your ceiling fan blades.  Did you know that most ceiling fans have a switch to change direction of the blades?  One direction makes the room cooler while the other direction makes is warmer.  This trick alone could cut heating costs by 10%.

7)   Order a heating system tune up.  By keeping your furnace or boiler system clean, lubricated, and properly callibrated, you can reduce heating costs by 5%.  An updated furnace or other heating system can help too.  Utility companies will offer a federal tax credit for new furnaces.  F.E. Moran Mechanical Services are experts in right-fitting heating systems -- just saying.

8)  Use a building automation system to manage your heating expenses.  A NEST will automatically turn up your thermostat when you're home and turn it down when you're gone.  Check out our article on building automation benefits here. 

9)  Use a window insulation kit to reduce drafts.  They're invisible and can block off extra air space, saving on your heating bill.

10) Insulate your pipes!  By adding insulation to your pipes, you can save on gas because the heat in your hot water won't be escaping.  It can also reduce the chances of having frozen pipes.


What do you do to winterize your home? 

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