Tips on Adjusting Your Water Heater

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hot water heaterThere are many reasons that you may need to adjust your water heater. For money savings - for every 10 degrees you turn your water heater down, you can save 3-5% on your bill. Or, perhaps your showers are too cold or too hot and your water heater needs to be adjusted, either way, in the lifetime of a home, occasionally, the water heater needs to be adjusted. Here is a step-by-step guide to adjust your water heater.

Step 1: Locate the water heater adjustment knob. It is usually toward the bottom in front.

Step 2: Choose an adjustment. 120 degrees is recommended. When a water heater is installed, it is usually set at 140 by default, but by reducing it 20 degrees, your gas bill could be reduced by as much as 10%. If you have young kids, keep it set at 120 degrees or lower to prevent accidental scalding. A child can get injured by hot water in 2-3 seconds from water at only 125 degrees.

Step 3: Wait an hour, and take the temperature of your water to make sure it is adequate.