Time Management for Construction Managers

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The hardest part about being a manager in the construction industry is time management.  How do you get the administrative work done, manage people, and do your core job in construction?  We have a few tips to do just that.  Time management is key.  If you like our tips, share with your associates!

6 Time Management Tips for Construction Professionals | F.E. Moran 

1)   Write down your to-do list -- Write everything you need to get done down. As a new task comes in, add it to the list.  Then, each day, break down those tasks into smaller, manageable tasks, and assign yourself a set number each day.  Cross each item off the list as you get it done.  Anything left at the end of the day should move to your to-do list for the following day.

 Write a to-do List | F.E. Moran 

2)   Do everything in groups -- Save similar tasks to do all at once.  Do you have to file every once in awhile?  Set it aside and do it all once a week.  Do you have to write up a weekly safety talk?  Set aside one day a month to write up all four weeks at once.

Check out our safety talk infographic here! 

Do Similar Tasks in Groups | F.E. Moran 

3)   Use the two-minute rule -- If you can complete a task in two minutes, just do it now.  It will take approximately 5 minutes to set it aside, remember to do it, and then do it later. 

Use the two minute rule | F.E. Moran 

4)   Keep a time limit on tasks -- If you have a certain task, give yourself a time limit to finish it.  Do you have a full inbox?  Give yourself 30 minutes to get through as much of it as possible.  This will help you prioritize.  You'll learn to quickly scan, find the important emails, and respond.  This is much more beneficial than scanning through and dealing with spammy emails or emails that you want to read, but don't need to read now.  

Keep a time limit on tasks | F.E. Moran 

5)   Stay away from distractions -- If you need to get something important done, take away the distractions so that task is the only thing available to do.  Turn off your phone, if possible; close your email; lock yourself away and get the task done.

Stay away from distractions | F.E. Moran 

6)  Take 5 minutes to plan before a task -- If you have a task to do, a phone call to make, or a meeting to attend, take 5 minutes beforehand to do a quick prep.  Make sure you have all the tools you need to do your task successfully. 

Plan tasks ahead of time | F.E. Moran