Thief Steals $200,000 Worth of Equipment from Construction Site

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Thief Steals $200,000 Worth of Equipment from Construction Site | The Moran Group

Lakewood -- A thief stole $200,000 worth of equipment from a construction site the day after Christmas - the Grinch?

The man, caught on camera at a gas station a few days later, took 20 tons of construction equipment which included a dump truck, a trailer, and a backhoe.  The total value was $200,000.  He must have had some knowledge of the asphalt company's schedule, because he pulled off his heist the day after Christmas, one of the few days that the company closes.

"I was stunned," said the owner of AAAsphalting, John Alcorn.  "I just couldn't believe it.  That's the biggest hit we've ever had in 38 years."

The thief hotwired a 2009 GMC dump truck and hooked the trailer to it.  On the trailer, he added an 8.5 ton John Deere backhoe.  The dump truck also had thousands of dollars worth of tools. 

The dump truck was spotted several times over the next few days as the thief drove it around town.  In one instance, Alcorn's employees spotted the dump truck at a gas station and chased the thief, but lost him.  Luckily, the gas station had security cameras and caught him on film.

Read the whole story here. 

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