The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Construction Crew Surprises Neighbor

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construction crew surprises neighbor

Wisconsin -- I'm not crying.  You're crying.  A construction crew pooled their money together to give a stroke victim/super fan Packers tickets, cash, and Packers gear as a thank you for his enthusiasm of the construction project.

Every day,  Rich Nowakowski, a huge Packers fan, sat on his porch and cheered on the construction crew as they worked.  He had a stroke in 2012 and can say few words, but he would call out, "hi!" to the crew and a few other words of encouragement.

"They're building this huge 38-unit apartment building right across from our house," said Patricia Nowakowski, Rich's wife.  "My husband is a very, very, very, very friendly person.  Very boisterous.  We have a front porch and he sits out there all day long and says 'hi' to them." 

Although Rich can say only a few words, he calls out, "Beautiful," "good job," and "hey" to the crew.

The crew began to call him boss and have become good friends with him.  The workers from the crew pooled their money together for a surprise before the job ended.

"One day I got a phone call from them and they said they really wanted to surprise him with Packers tickets, $400 in cash, and some Packers gear," Patricia told ABC news.  "He knew nothing.  On their lunch hour, they all gathered and walked across the street.  I had 30 of these guys on my front lawn, and he just sat here and said, 'Wow, wow, wow.'  People who have suffered from a stroke can get very easily depressed and this just brought him right out of that."  She went on to say, "It was just the most wonderful thing they could do for him, especially this time of year.  He does the most with what he has, but this just meant the world for him."

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