Thanksgiving Grease Results in Plumbing Disasters

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RoastTurkeyThanksgiving meals can be a drain on drains.  Harried cooks toss the grease and fat from turkey and side dishes into the drain.  The fat congeals and can cause major plumbing problems.  Eventually, a plumber will need to come out to remedy.

The day after Thanksgiving has plumbers seeing a 50% jump in call volume.  

Inexperienced cooks are putting everything down the drain - potato peels, pumpkin pulp, grease, and fat.  They aren't using enough water with the garbage disposal to get it to go completely down the drain, and, before you know it, the drain is clogged.

Grease and fat turns into a candle wax type substance and pulp turns hard when dry.  It creates the perfect disaster.

When cooking for the upcoming holidays, remember:

  1. Throw grease and fat in the garbage.
  2. Use plenty of water when using the garbage disposal.
  3. Don't put stringy food down the garbage disposal.
  4. If you're questioning if you should be putting something down the garbage disposal, don't do it. 



Photo Credit:  Photo by M. Rehemtulla / Foter / CC BY