Tenant's Plumbing Problems Get National Attention

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Having a toilet that doesn't work is bad enough. But when it is the only toilet in the house...and when sewage is backing up into sinks and the bathtub...well, living like that is hard to imagine.


A woman living in those conditions called Seven-On-Your-Side last week.

It is amazing that Diane Alford was able to be so positive considering the conditions she was living in.

She was using a five gallon bucket outside for a toilet.

Our report last week not only got her landlord's attention...but some national attention.

"It's not a big story but this caught my attention."

That is how ABC late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel introduced Alford's plight as he worked her into his opening monologue.

"A woman from Little Rock Arkansas has been having some serious plumbing problems," Kimmel continued. "She claims her landlord refuses to fix her toilet. And as they often say...drastic times call for drastic measures."

"That's nasty," Alford commented.

Things were nasty last week. But now...

"See the commode flushes," shows Alford. (Flush) "It does not run over. I think Seven On My Side is great. I wish that everybody would think of that. Because if they did maybe Arkansas would not be in as big a mess as they're in. A lot of people are afraid to speak up."

Diane Alford isn't afraid to speak up. But she says speaking up to her landlord wasn't getting the job done.

That's why she called Seven-On-Your-Side. And now she can use her bathroom again.

"I'm proud of Channel 7," says Alford. "You all have done more for me than...anybody. I just trust in God. And if I get kicked out...I'm gonna get kicked out. That's the way I look at it. I mean...I couldn't do no worse if he kicked me out. But now...I'm doing better!"

Diane says the news coverage her situation received surprised some of her friends and church members...people who are now helping her.

There is still room for improvement, but compared to how she was living last week, Diane says she'll take it.


Story provided by:  www.katv.com