5 Top Tips for Managing Your Bathroom Renovation

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Planning a high-end renovation for your bathroom is a lot of things.  It's exciting, stressful, annoying, and satisfying.  While it is a rare soul that enjoys the process of renovating and managing contractors, most people can agree, when it's over, it was all worth it.

Bathroom renovations increase property value by 100% of the cost of the renovation or more.  It is always worth it to invest in renovation your bathroom or kitchen.  An important note:  Look at your surrounding area.  You don't want to renovate too high-end or too low-end if it doesn't match your neighborhood.  Do your research to determine how much to spend on your renovation.

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For example, our plumbing residential customers are generally in Wilmette, Glenview, Northbrook, or Chicago.  These areas support high-end bathroom renovations.  Look at real estate listings in your area to get ideas.

We did some research, and found that these five tips are the most helpful in managing a bathroom renovation.



1.  Plan Ahead.

Pre-plan your budget by picking out your fixtures early, and getting labor quotes before you begin the project.  Also, make sure to have all of your materials on hand before you begin construction.  You don't want to start the renovation, and then a key fixture is on back order, holding up the whole project.   

Choose a trusted contractor.  The cheapest contractor can end up costing you way more.  

Understand standard bathroom measurements and plan accordingly.  This will help you develop a good plan for your bathroom layout.  You can also hire an architect or ask the plumbing contractor to help you make the best placement decisions.  

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2.  Hire Good Help

The surest way to ruin a renovation is to not hire the best contractors.  Better Homes & Gardens recommends hiring a contractor with 3+ years of experience who can provide positive customer references and are members to their industry's association.

When deciding on a great contractor, visit a job site so you get an idea of how they work

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3.  This is the Place to Splurge

Bathrooms are the best place to splurge on high-end materials.  They are small, but have big impact.  Plus, the added value to the home makes up for the cost.  Houzz said, "A little designer secret is that because bathrooms are usually smaller spaces, splurging on a few high end materials and finishes can be a good investment that can make your space seem incredibly luxurious."


4.  You Can Manage Bathroom Projects Yourself (Except the Plumbing!)

According to HGTV, home owners can manage many of the elements of a bathroom renovation themselves, except the plumbing.  While tiling or putting in a vanity can be done DIY, plumbing should not, unless the homeowner happens to be a trained professional.  Running pipe and installing shower systems should be left to professional plumbers.

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5.  Pay Attention to the Lighting

Lighting makes a much bigger impact than you would think.  Some things to consider:  recessed lighting over the bath, updated fixtures above the sink, and incorporate layers of lighting with accent, ambient, and decorative.

Do you have reno fever going into the new year?  Start planning now, and follow our expert tips.