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Profile: Optima Residential and Commercial Building

HVAC for Optima Residential and Commercial Building

Project: Optima Chicago Center
Location: Chicago, IL
Scope - Systems & Services: Design/Build of a Condenser Water System with Hot Water Injection feeding Vertical Stack Heat Pumps and Air Handlers for a 42-story building.

Contributor:  Pete Weber, Project Manager of F.E. Moran
Writer:  Sarah Block, Marketing Director of The Moran Group

Optima Chicago Center is a 42-story residential building with office and commercial space on three floors at the base of the building. It is located at 200 E. Illinois in Chicago, IL's Streeterville neighborhood. In 2013, they began renting their commercial and residential space, but in 2011, Optima was in its infancy when they called F.E. Moran to bring their extensive engineering resources to be a part of the design team. A Condenser Water System with Hot Water Injection was engineered to feed the Vertical Stack Heat Pumps and Air Handlers that heat and cool the building. A Dehumidification System was also designed to serve an indoor pool on the level 10 Recreational Floor.

Architect David Hovey said, "The building has an impressive beauty derived from its simplicity, in contrast to the complex facades surrounding it. The exterior building aesthetics evolve from an expression of the functional spaces within - transparent glass at the street level, black translucent glass at the parking level and energy efficient silver metallic glass on the residential floors. Recessed outdoor space at the recreational floor 10 and residence club floor 32 create deep shadows that are important keys to making it all work visually."

The building was rented in stages, starting from the bottom of the building, presenting a challenge for F.E. Moran. With the HVAC system's equipment being installed at the roof mechanical levels, heating and cooling needed to be delivered to the base of the building without the build-out being completed on the intermediate levels. F.E. Moran implemented a pre-fabrication strategy on the penthouse piping to shorten the turnover time and also installed riser piping ahead of the equipment they served on those intermediate levels to connect to the active equipment.

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