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Profile: WeWork | Chicago, IL

WeWork Profile, Chicago, IL

Contributor: Joseph Perrone, Sales Executive at F.E. Moran Fire Protection; Jason Winter, Project Executive at F.E. Moran; Jason Aeverman, Director of Commercial Plumbing at F.E. Moran; and Patrick Uphues, Project Manager at F.E. Moran

Writer: Sarah Block, Marketing Director at The Moran Group

When the innovative work space company WeWork needed an array of mechanical trades to complete a job with a tight deadline, the choice was simple.

With a sudden change in general contractors, Summit took over the project and was under the gun to meet quickly approaching deadlines at 111 West Illinois Street. Summit had worked with F.E. Moran HVAC in the past and had a good relationship with them, so Summit contacted Project Executive, Jason Winter, and brought them onto the project. With the deadline in mind, Mr. Winter suggested Summit bring on F.E. Moran for the plumbing and fire protection as well.


With three trades from one company working on the fast tracked WeWork project, they were able to synchronize to make it work. In the same week they signed the contract for the project, Summit and the Moran mechanical contractors met and quickly coordinated the project in one meeting.

F.E. Moran Fire Protection was signed on for a design/build and F.E. Moran and F.E. Moran Plumbing division had plan/spec projects. They were able to coordinate everything with enough time to get material on site within a week of the meeting. By working together behind the scenes, the three companies were able to coordinate and resolve issues without having to take up valuable time or use the GC as a go between.


The Moran mechanical contractors found that working on the same project solved a lot of issues that arise while doing construction. There was no arguing over space. They already had a rapport that made working together and coordinating seamless. It provided a comfortable working environment that resulted in a quick turn over.

The project worked out well for all involved. The Moran mechanical contractors enjoyed the opportunity to work together and Summit Design and Build was happy to get a quick turnover. Ari Killian of Summit Design and Build said, "I....want to thank the F.E. Moran team on a job well done. You guys have been great and [we] look forward to working with you again."

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