Strange Construction: Three of the Weirdest Construction Stories You'll Find

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Strange Construction:  Three of the Weirdest Construction Stories You'll Find | F.E. Moran

The construction industry can be tedious at times.  Some days, you'll need to drill the same type of holes over and over, while other days are quite opposite!  Maybe it's demo day and you get to knock down a wall.  Today's blog is dedicated to those other days when things aren't quite as you'd expect them to be. 

Here are three of the strangest construction stories in the industry.

1)  A construction worker was standing on a ladder drilling when he needed more leverage.  He put his body into it and lost balance.  He tossed his drill aside and fell.  However, he didn't toss it far enough away.  The drill bit went through his eye and out the back of his head.  

The construction worker was conscious the whole time.  He was transferred via helicopter to the hospital.  The doctor took an x-ray and the drill bit psuhed his brain aside, leaving it unaffected.  The doctor's agonized over how to remove the drill bit.  They decided to just unscrew it.  It worked!  

His brain was unharmed, but his right eye was destroyed and his skull was fractured.

Drillbit through the skull 

Photo Via: 


 2)  Builders discovered an ancient ball game court once used by the Mayans while they were building a new basketball court.  Ball games have been played since 1400 BC where rubber balls were used in teams of four players.  The Mayans games were mostly ritualistic.  This particular ball court had two rings, one on each side of the court.  Whoever could toss the ball through the ring won.  A lot was riding on making the basket.  The losing team of this particular court would likely be sacrificed to the corn God.

ball game 

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3)  Tim Jones bought an old jewlery store and hired a construction company to renovate it.  A construction worker found a large stash of diamonds hidden behind shelving.  The previous owner of the property had died six years earlier.  The family let the business go.  When the former owner heard of the discovery, she tried to claim the diamonds.   An attorney who specializes in real estate says that usually property contracts allow former property owners to reclaim their belongings, but the result of this situation is still in the air. 

Diamonds found at construction site 


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