Sprinkler pipe breaks at court building

Check out F.E. Moran's thank you notes from the recent increase in frozen fire sprinklers:

"I wanted to let you know we appreciated Kevin's quick response capping the pipe that busted yesterday.  The building and their engineers were also thankful having F.E. Moran available to help," Michael F.

"We appreciate your quick response this morning to the sprinkler burst incident at [our parking garage].  Building management is very appreciateive of your assistance as well," Colin M.

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A fire sprinkler line broke at the Jackson Superior Court Building, gushing perhaps thousands of gallons into the structure on Thursday afternoon.

Firefighters turned off a sprinkler riser, stopping the flow of water, Seymour Fire Chief Brad Lucas said. He said his assumption is that line had been frozen because of the recent frigid temperatures.

But not before about three-quarters of an inch of water covered the north half of the building, incuding the chambers of Jackson Superior Court Judge Bruce Markel and the courtroom, Lucas sadded.

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