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Are you a facility manager planning your building's space on a CAD file?

If you are planning the space of the property using AutoCAD or Excel, there is a better way.  By automating the process using smart technology, facilities are saving time and money.

FM Systems wrote a comprehensive article on space management for facility managers.  They say by managing space using space management software, facility managers will more easily manage change, visualize the space, locate facility information, communicate, and report.

Here is a snippet.

Simply stated, Space Management involves the management of a company’s physical space inventory.
Whether you realize it or not, every organization manages their space one way or another. You might have an automated space management solution, use AutoCAD and Excel spreadsheets or manage your space with printed off floor plans and colored pencils.
At a high level, the management of your space inventory includes tracking and maintaining your space and occupancy information—identifying who sits where, understanding how much space your organization has, and how it’s actually being used, and projecting and forecasting how much real estate you will need in the future.
Every organization has their own process in place to manage their facility and real estate portfolio—it may be working for them or they might need a solution in place that aligns with the goals and objectives of the organization.


Read the entire article at FM Systems.



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