Smart Cities Require Smart Construction

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Smart Cities, Smart Construction | F.E. Moran

Many cities are now seeing a trend in modernization as people change the way they live.  With this, city planning and construction needs to evolve to adapt to its citizens' new lifestyle choices.

People are more connected then ever before, so city leaders are beginning to plan accordingly.  More people are using services like Uber, Lyft, or Zip Cars instead of buying their own cars.

Amanda Clack, head of infrastructure advisory at consulting firm EY talked about how smart construction is important in the development of a smart city.   "Charging points for electric vehicles are springing up across UK cities and are fast becoming a familiar sight.  The sharing economy is also having an impact -- with authorities designating parking for cab clubs such as Zipcar over private vehicles."

Because of this shift, mayors, architects, developers, and contractors are rethinking their planning.

"It's about getting the right group of leaders together, from the public and private sector, to create, drive, and deliver a vision for their city," said Clack.

This change will be gradual in cities.  It can't happen overnight and shouldn't because budgets would grow out of control.  However, cities do need to slowly evolve to invest in trends such as electric car hook-up and ride sharing parking to adapt to modern needs.

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