Safe Construction - there's an app for that!

Learn more about F.E. Moran's safety protocol.  Click here. interviewed presenter Pam Walaski about how smartphone apps can make safety professionals' jobs easier. Here are a number of apps to ensure safety at a construction site.

NIOSH ladder safety app

Uses visual and audio signals to check the angle that the ladder is positioned. It also includes ladder safety tips. Walaski said, "You download it and put your phone against the side rail of a ladder, and it tells you if you are at the right level."

You can also find apps on Andoid or iPhones that calculate dosimeter readings, assess decibel levels, or conduct lifting calculations.


Allows users to design and develop custom tools for conducting safety audits or inspections. Walaski explains, "You follow along and, at the end, you have a report, versus using a clipboard, camera, and pencil, then spending hours afterward assembling a report. This way, when you walk out of the field, the report is just about ready to go."


Stores documents, files, videos, notes, and other materials in one place.

Additional safety related apps we found while writing this blog:

TST Job Safety Analysis - Tablet

This app allows you to create JSAs with easy menus. It also has a clear Risk Matrix that calculates the potential for risk. You can take photos of hazards and risks and GPS tag your location.

Safety Inspector

Perform safety inspections all in one app. This app has inspection templates; add photos option; drawing feature, to add notes to pictures; share inspection options; and it has the ability to go back to former inspections.