Revolutionary War Era Ship Found at Hotel Construction Site

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Revolutionary War Era Ship Found at Construction Site

Archaeologists that were surveying a construction site that will be the future site of an Alexandria, Virginia hotel have found quite the piece of American history. 

While surveying the land, archaeolosists found the remains of a Revolutionary War-era ship.  The ship was buried in the Potomac River.  The ship was entombed in oxygen-depleted mud, preserving it and allowing researchers to better understand how 18th century boats were made.

This construction site has been rich with historical finds.  Recently, archaeologists and construction crews uncovered an 18th century warehouse, believed to be Alexandria's first public building.  

"It's very rare.  This almost never happens," explained archaeologist Dan Baicy.  "In 15 years that I've done this work, I've never run into this kind of preservation in an urban envrionment where there's so much disturbance."

The ship was first discovered in December 2015 when the bow was uncovered.  Archaeologists believe the ship was used for either cargo or military purposes. 

Read the complete story at Smithsonian Magazine. 



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