Report Shows Higher Smoking and Drinking Rate Among Construction Workers

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Report:  Higher Smoking and Binge Drinking Rate Among Construction Workers | The Moran Group 

Construction workers are more likely to smoke and binge drink than people in other industries.

This data is based on a telephone survey done with 10,000 Utah residents in 2013.  Participants were asked where they work, if they have health insurance, and they were asked questions about cigarette and alcohol use.

The report found that 19% of construction workers and 16% of manufacturing workers smoke, which the state average is 11%.  They were also to have a higher rate of binge drinking.  22% of construction workers binge drink and 21% of manufacturing employees binge drink; the state average is 15%.

The report identified smokers as someone who has had more than 100 cigarettes in his or her lifetime and reports currently smoking some to all days of the week.  Binge drinking was defined by a man who has 5+ drinks in one occasion or a woman who has 4+ drinks in one occasion. 


What do you think of this study?  Would you agree or disagree with the findings in your experience? 


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