REBLOG: 10 Things Your Plumber Wishes You Wouldn't Do

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10 Things Plumbers Wish You Didn't Do

1.  Reach for the Drano - Drano can ruin pipes and equipment.  Plus, they don't work that well.  

2.  Treating the toilet like a garbage can - Even items like feminine hygeine products or personal cleaning wipes labeled "flushable," are not really flushable.  They don't disintegrate fast enough to not clog a drain.

3.  Don't try and solve a plumbing problem on your own - a professional can solve your plumbing problem quicker and you won't end up spending as much money if it gets fixed the first time.

4.   You don't know where your main water valve is -every home owner should know where the all water valves are and how to turn them on and off.

5.   Use drop in toilet fresheners - The chemicals in the drop in toilet fresheners can ruin parts in side your toilet tank and can get stuck on your flush valve, preventing it from flushing.

6.  You forget to replace hoses - Water hoses get old.  It is recommended you change our the rubber hose on your washing machine every five years to avoid a flood.

7.   You don't have a leak protection system - It costs a couple hundred, but it prevents thousands in damage.  A leak protection system will alert and shut off the main water valve if a leak occurs.

8.  Your hot water heater is outdated - Hot water tanks last about 8-12 years.  Replace them before they fail and flood.

9.  Overload the garbage disposal - don't put fiberous foods like celery or artichokes or grease down a garbage disposal.  It will still clog.  

10.  You fiddle with the water heater's pressure valve - don't try and drain or test the temperature or pressure of the valve yourself.  You could burn yourself with scalding hot water.  Have a pro do it!


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