Prevent damage by knowing location of water shutoff

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Lately, we have seen our share of water from our seasonal rains - roads under water, pools overflowing, lawns saturated and drainage canals flowing. We can take refuge inside our cozy homes and relax.

But what if the situation was reversed and the water was coming from inside our home? Leaks in plumbing fixtures, flooding from an appliance or a pipe that bursts can cause disaster in the home.

You need to know where the shutoff valves and the main shutoff are, and you will be more prepared for this emergency.

Every home has a whole house shutoff. If you happen to have well water, the shutoff will be on the house side of the pressure tank. If city water supplies your home, the shutoff will usually be on the same side of the house as your water meter.

The water heater has its own water shutoff. This will stop water from entering the home through these water lines.

Every toilet has an inline shut off. Look behind the toilet bowl and you will find this supply line.

Underneath sinks, you will find the hot and cold in line shutoffs. Usually, the right shutoff will control the cold water line and the left shutoff will control the hot water line.

Washing machines can have the same type of shutoff as the sink. These water lines connect to the washing machine hoses. It is wise to check these hoses from time to time. They can become weak and soft in an area and burst. Some individuals turn the water off to the washer after every use.

The dishwasher shutoff is usually under the kitchen sink.

If you ever have any doubts about your plumbing, it is best that you seek the expert advice of a licensed plumber. A water leak in the house can be a minor nuisance or a major household disaster.

If the latter does happen to you, remember, material items can be fixed or replaced, try to look at the bright side of things (there always is a bright side - even if you have to search to find it).


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