Preparing to Avoid Construction Site Accidents

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construction safetyEvery day 1,300 construction workers go home injured or ill, and 3 don't go home at all. It is imperative for workers to be aware of their surroundings and take their time plotting out their next move.

Planning is the number one way to avoid construction site accidents. Only 15 minutes of planning can save hours of time spent repairing the damage of an unplanned activity. Create a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) to plan out a job and note the hazards and ways to mitigate them.

Another common cause of construction accidents is job site distractions. Talking on your cell phone, using music players, or joking with co-workers can cause distractions that may lead to accidents. You don't want any distractions while performing a risky activity. Lifting heavy equipment, handling hazardous materials, working at heights, or using power tools all have the potential for possible injury while distracted.

In order to safely perform your job, keep distractions at bay and plan out workplace tasks. The more prepared you are on the construction site, the more safe you will be.