Possible Human Jaw Bone Buried at Home-Construction Site

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construction excavation

A construction worker was digging under a newly built home on Zimpel Street when he found a sealed box with a velvet bag inside that contained a human jaw bone.

Adam Hodges, a construction worker, was excavating to add plumbing to a new build home when he found the box a foot under the ground.  He and his co-workers dug out the plastic box and found a human jaw bone inside it.

"You could definitely tell it was old bone.  I definitely knew what it was.  I definitely knew it was somebody's jaw," said Hodges.

Police surrounded the home site while crime scene investigators took pictures of the box and jaw.  A spokesperson for the Orleans Parish Coronor Jeffrey Rouse said that protocol states that an anthropologist needs to determine if it is actually human.

The property owner has lived their since 2006.  She has no idea how the box got there.

"I kind of think it was something like kids and a prank.  But, who knows?  I have no idea.  We live in New Orleans - it's just like, 'Huh.  That's weird.'"

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