OSHA Maximum Fines Increase by 78%

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OSHA maximum fines increase by 78%

Since 1990, there has not been any increase to OSHA fines.  However, the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Improvements Act of 2015 is requiring that OSHA adjust the maximum fine to meet inflation.  This is increasing the maximum fine by 78%.

The U.S. Congress decided to adjust the fines in a one-time catch up since fines haven't increased in 26 years.

For willful and repeat violation, the maximum fine is now $124,709 (was $70,000) and the minimum is $8,909 (was $5,000) per violation.  For serious violations, the max is $12,471 (was $7,000) per day.  For failure to abate violations, the maximum fine is now $12,471 (was $7,000).

OSHA can give these fines to any citation August 2, 2016 or after as well as alleged violations from before this date.

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