NY Block Evacuated When Construction Crew Finds Grenade

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NY Block Evacuated When Construction Crew Finds Grenade | F.E. Moran

A grenade was found at a New York construction site on Monday afternoon, prompting police to shut down the city block.

The device was found at the construction site of 221 Bowery.  The construction foreman, Yzaul Abreu, 27, found the grenade in a napkin in a bucket and said it was "full of mold."  He added that it had a pin in it.

Abreu carried it carefully to a higher floor because it was found in the basement where gas lines were present.  From the first floor, the bomb squad retrieved it.

"I don't know if it was active.  All I know is that the pin was in it," said Estarlin Torres, 19.

The entire block was evacuated for 30 to 40 minutes.

"We were just waiting outside.  They put the yellow tape [up].  The stores closed, too," saidTorres.

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