New York Window Washers Scaffold Scare

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construction accidentNew York, NY -- Investigators are looking into the cause of a scaffold cable going limp when window washers were working on windows 68 floors above the ground.

The workers had to hold on to the teetering scaffold for two hours while 100 firefighters worked to rescue the men.  One man called his wife, thinking it was the last time he could talk to her.

His wife reported the conversation, "We're real high.  I don't know if or how it's going to turn out.  I don't know what's going to happen."  He reportedly told her to take care of the kids.  

The supplier of the scaffold, Tractel Group, has a history of issues.  They built or repaired two scaffolds that were involved in similar accidents.  Tractel Group was fined $21k in 2008 when a scaffold they had repaired malfunctioned killing one of the two window washers using it.  Tractel built a scaffold that snapped, dangling two workers 500 feet above the ground last year.  The two men were rescued.

The two men in the World Trade Center accident were rescued when firefighters used a diamond cutter to get through double-paned glass.