New York Approves 99% of Night Construction Requests

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New York Approves 99% of Night Construction Permits | The Moran Group

New York, NY -- A report was recently released stating that 99% of applications for after-hours construction in 2015 were approved.

The applications helped the city generate $25.3 million in application fees in 2015.  That is 20% more than the previous year.  The Buildings Department issued 59,895 variances last year and only rejected 431 applications and revoked 142 permits.

The after hours permit allows construction work to be completed after 6pm and before 7am on weekdays and anytime during the weekend.  The city has allowed 24 hour work at most of the tower construction along the skyline.  The permits are being accepted even though noise complaints are going up.  Last year, there were 3,773 construction noise complaints; however, only 54 violations were issued.

The residents of New York are now demanding this stops.

"The system is out of whack because the permits are so routinely granted.  It has become more like an entitlement for builders," said city Councilman Daniel Garodnick.

A neighbor to a construction site said, "Some very noisy machines are permitted to run from 6pm to 7am, interfering with our sleep.  Filing complaints with 311 does not work.  It simple does not address the problem in a timely manner."

In the Financial District, Linda Gerstman complains of "noises that are almost like explosions" from pipes being tossed into dumpsters.  An office building is being converted to a residential building near her home.

"I sleep with the air conditioner blasting even though it's 30 degrees outside," said Gerstman.

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