New OSHA Chief is Ex-FedEx Executive

FedEx Executive to be New Head of OSHA.jpg

Donald Trump nominated a FedEx executive to lead the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), and he got the thumbs up by the Senate.

Trump nominated Scott Mugno on October 27.  He is currently the VP of Safety, Sustainability, and Vehicle Maintenance at FedEx Ground.  He is also the chair of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's OSHA subcommittee.

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Mugno was grilled during the hearing by Senator Patty Murray.  "I'm concerned about your record that stands against everything OSHA should stand for," Murray said during the hearing on December 1.  She continued, "During your two-plus decades at FedEx, you have consistently opposed stronger safety and health protections for workers.  Can you name a single rule proposed by OSHA that during your career you supported?"

Mugno replied, "I don't recall."

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MA Democrat Elizabeth Warren asked if you would go back to the practice of issuing press releasing for big fines against job safety violators.  Under Obama, OSHA averaged 400 press releases a year.  Under Trump, there was only 26 in the first year.  Mugno responded that he would need to consult with staff.

All republicans voted to recommend approval of Mugno and all democrats voted against Mugno.  By December 13, he was approved.