New Orleans Construction Damaging Nearby Homes

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New Orleans, LA -- As the Army Corps supervises the SELA drainage project in New Orleans, historic homes are getting damaged from the construction.

"Because of the vibrations you can't even sit in your house without feeling the constant vibration.  I know downstairs, where I have an apartment, there's a lot of cracking on the floors and there's cracking in the walls, and in the kitchen, the cabinets are starting to move away from the walls," said resident Peggy Littlejohn.

Several homes are crumbling from the construction, cracks are appearing overnight.

According to Littlejohn, no one is listening to their complaints.

Ricky Boyett, a spokesperson for the Army Corps of Engineers said all complaints need to go through the Orleans Parish Sewage & Water Board.  "We take every measure we can to avoid damaging anybody's property for any project that the corps does.  Unfortunately, there are cases where it does happen."

Robert Jackson, with the water board, explained the complaint process, "If the complaint involves property damage, then it's forwarded to our forensic consulting engineer who will contact the claimer and schedule an inspection of the property.  And it's usually scheduled after construction activity has moved past the property to be inspected."

Littlejohn is skeptical, "I don't think they're going to do a darn thing right now."