My Favorite Plumbing Tool is $3

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Zip-itMy favorite plumbing tool costs $3.  The director of plumbing at F.E. Moran, John Nelson, sung its praises, and he certainly didn't steer me wrong.  It solves all of life's problems.  Okay, maybe just hair in the drain problems.

I have had major drainage issues in my old house.  The one thing that fixes them is better and cheaper than chemicals, DIY solutions, and plungers.  It is the zip-it!

No matter how serious the clog is, my trusty 18-inch, jagged tool does the job.  All you have to do is unscrew the drain stopper, push the Zip-it into the drain, wiggle it, and everything comes out.  It works miracles.  As a landlord, I even leave one in every unit I rent, for those little clogs that don't require a plumber.

The best part of this tool, is you don't have to use those corrosive chemicals that can slowly eat away plumbing - not to mention - those chemicals are strong and can injure yourself or others.

PS I swear I'm not getting paid to write this; I'm just a fan!

What miracle plumbing tools have you found?