Modular Construction Gaining Steam

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Modular Construction | The Moran Group

Modular construction has gained steam in all construction types; however, it is becoming a really popular option for additions on homes.  Homeowners can have their addition built in a factory and shipped to their home to be added.  It significantly cuts down on the inconvenience of the construction.

"Until recently, modular additions were one size fits all, but through design and manufacturing innovations they have become highly customizable.  It's not your father's modular.  Anyone who's picked up a copy of Dwell magazine has quickly discovered that modular construction has become very cutting edge.  The modern approach is highly automated, customizable, precise, sustainable, and fast," said Michael Winn, owner of Winn Custom Modular.

Modular additions can be added to any home and blend seamlessly.  They work best and blend easiest if the addition is added to the second story.  Homeowners save money and it is more environmentally friendly to do modular construction because a computer cuts the materials.  There is a lot less waste.  20-30% of material costs end up in the dumpster at a traditional construction site. 


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