Mapping Drones Give Construction Surveying Precision

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Mapping Drones Gives Construction Surveying Precision

Drones are all over construction sites nowadays for good reason.  They can get tons of data quickly that would be a long, tedious process manually.  Is your construction company taking advantage of drones?

Here are the top 4 ways you can utilize drones on the construction site.

1)   Surveying

Drones make surveying more precise.  They can get into areas that could be hard to reach or places that could be difficult or dangerous for a person to survey manually.  Drones survey more efficiently and more accurately than human surveyers.  It is also less expensive.  Instead of heavy machines and surveying tools, you can have a drone do it all.

2)  Progress and Monitoring Footage

Drones can videotape construction progress from all angles and heights easily.  It allows construction companies to update clients inexpensively.  For GC's that have to monitor several jobs at once, drone footage can update you without having to travel.

3)  Safety on Site

If you utilize your drone footage, you can create a safety system with it.  You can view if workers have their personal protective equipment (PPE) on, if the trench has a wall, or if a pillar is unstable right live from the drone footage.

4)  Monitor Project Status

With the drone, you can monitor if the project is staying on track and on budget.  Through constant monitoring, you can see if anything is going to interfere with your budget or timeline and rectify the issue right then and there. 

We've gotten you started thinking, now haven't we?  What have you used with drones to improve your construction job site? 


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