Man Whose Son Died on a Construction Site Pleads for Safety Rules

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On New Years Eve of 2012, Michael Tallent was working on a bridge in Tennessee when the front-end loader that he was driving struck a power line, electrocuting him.  

Rocky Tallent said, "They were putting my son on front-end loaders, which are machines with a scoop on the front to dig into the earth, and showing him how to operate equipment without a license or proper training."

In Tennessee, federal statistics show that 1 out of 5 worker deaths in 2012 were in the construction industry.  One construction company accounted for four deaths between 2010 and 2012, two of which were at the Henley Bridge in Knoxville.

Two bills are being discussed:  1) Targets the length of time between an accident and the required time to fix the incident.  2)  Proposes that the Tennessee Department of Labor Workforce Development creates a questionnaire and rating system to evaluate bidders on potential construction projects regarding safety and health performance.


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