Man Killed in Construction Accident Crushed by Elevator Floor

Learn more about crushing hazards here.  F.E. Moran recently won an award for their stringent safety protocols and excellent safety record.  Check out the press release here.  

A man was killed when he fell into an open service elevator shaft and his head was crushed between the elevator floor and the second story floor.

The 40 year old man had just started at his company two weeks ago.  It was his first full time job after two years of struggling for a job after he was laid off.

Lt. EJ Bastian said that the man was with one other person in the building at the time.  Everyone else was on break.  Bastian says it is still unclear what caused his fall.

"It was a freak accident.  I've never seen anything like it in 30 years," said Bastian.

The man left behind seven children and a wife.