Malaysian Construction Workers Find Longest Recorded Snake

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Malaysian Construction Crew Finds World's Longest Snake

Malaysia -- A team of construction workers found a Python that is believed to be the world's longest.

In the tourist area of Penang Island, a 26-foot long Python was found hiding under a tree, laying eggs.  The construction crew was conducting a flyover of the building site when they discovered it. 

The men captured the snake and took photos with it.  The snake layed one egg after its capture and quietly died.  A civil defense official said that the cause of the death was likely stress related to the capture.

Once the size is confirmed, the snake will be named the largest in the world at 26 feet.  The current record holder is a snake named Medusa.  The snake is 25 feet, 2 inches.  It was so heavy, it took 15 men to hold the snake. 

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