Meet Lumastream

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Do you want to not change a light bulb again in your life (well, 50,000 hours)?  Lumastream is a revolutionary building product that Brian Moran, our CEO, loved so much he had them installed in his home.  While Brian had them installed in his home, the impact that Lumastream could have on a business is huge.

Lumastream is a light fixture that only uses 18/2 or 16/2 wire with no conduit necessary.  The technology has no electronics in the fixtures, just an LED chip, so there is less opportunity for early burn out or breaking.  Because of this streamlined design, less heat is produced.  They estimate that consumers save 1 watt of energy for every 3 watts of lighting energy used.  Consumers will get triple their energy efficiency with the LED light bulbs, less energy needed to run the fixtures, and savings in AC costs.


The aesthetics are a major pull for commercial facilities.  Dunkin Donuts has Lumastream in a number of their stores.  They can quickly customize the color of their lights to reflect their brand colors or celebrate the holidays.  Dunkin Donuts chose to have the outer rim lights of the building in a sunset hue – like their logo.  The coloring of the bulb is closer to natural light.  Any photographer reading this knows that natural light is the most photogenic and true.  Tesla chose to use Lumastream in all of their dealerships, so the color of the cars seen in dealerships were as accurate as possible to what would be seen on the road.

The Moran Group in partnership with Liaison Automation ( or 888-279-1235) can help you navigate this new technology from concept to design to install and service.  We have a trained team of engineers, programmers and installers who can handle any size project.


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