Lose a Limb in the Job, Employer May Not Need to Notify the Gov

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workplace safetyDid you know that up to two workers could lose a limb on the job and the employer would not need to report it to a federal agency?  A new rule that goes into effect January 1 will change that.

The new rule will require employers to notify the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration whenever anyone is injured and requires hospitalization. 

The current law requires employers to notify OSHA when someone is killed on the job, but they are not required to tell OSHA if someone was injured - even if someone lost a limb or eye, unless 3+ workers were sent to the hospital with on the job injuries.

The new law gives employers 24 hours to notify OSHA of an employee injury requiring hospitalization.  Companies will face up to $7k in fines for not complying with this rule.

On the job accidents are serious.  Last year, 4,405 workers were killed on the job and 3 million workers were reported injured.  As we've learned, the reality of that number is much bigger.  Over half of the reported injuries resulted in multiple days off the job, job transfer, or restricted work activities.

Employers can call 800-321-6742 within 24 hours if a workplace accident results in hospitalization.

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