Life Hacks: To Be Better at Everything!

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Life Hacks to be Better at Everything | The Moran Group (

Who doesn't want life to be easier?  As a construction professional, you are doing a thousand tasks at once, so make life a tad bit more manageable with these life hacks.

1)   Writing something out is the memory equivalent of reading something seven times.

2)   Use a rubberband to unscrew stripped screws.

3)   Drinking Gatorade can relieve headaches without medication thanks to the electrolytes.

4)  In case of an emergency, a crayon will burn for 30 minutes.

5)  Do the screws in your glasses come loose?  Tighten them and then add clear nailpolish to the screw to keep it from becoming loose again.

6)  Smelly shoes?  Put dry tea bags in there to eliminate the smell! 

7)  Save time in your day by batching smaller tasks together and schedule a time to do it at the same time.

8)  Use IFTTT to automate your everyday tasks.  If you miss a call, IFTTT can automatically put an event in your calendar to call the person back or will even automatically text that person and let them know you'll get back to them shortly.

9)   Write down anything you need to remember.  Your goals, tasks, books you want to read, ideas, anything.  It saves time to not need to retrieve a memory from a week earlier.

10)   Want to workout more?  Get the GymPact app.  It will pay you whenever you go to the gym and charge you if you miss a day in your pact.


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