Life Hacks: April 13, 2015

Check out some of our favorite life hacks from around the web.

Including best way to untie a knot, how to avoid sending embarrassing emails, DIY ice packs, and more.

1.  The best way to untie a knot.


Thank you to Pop Sugar for supplying the hack and Imgur user jumaklavita for the image.

2.  Leave recipient email line blank until you're ready to send to avoid accidently sending the email.


Thank you to PopSugar for providing this hack and image.

3.  Recently, we accidently used permanent marketer on our white board, how did we get it off?  A life hack, of course.



Thank you to for the image and hack.

4.  Get rid of residue on shower heads by putting a baggy of white vinegar around the shower head with a rubberband overnight.


Thank you to for the hack and image.

5.  With a sister who always has swollen knees, this life hack is amazing.  Keep a frozen sponge in a zip lock to use as an ice pack that doesn't make a mess.



Thank you to for this hack and image.