Lead Found in Chicago School Ventilation

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High Levels of Lead Found in Chicago School Ventilation | F.E. Moran | HVAC | Chicago

Chicago, IL -- Parents are in an uproar after learning that the older building at Holy Angels School in Bronzeville has lead coming through the ventilation system.  Children have been breathing in air conditioning with high levels of lead for an unknown amount of time.  The school is closed for the week while they attempt to fix the issue. 

The Chicago Archdiocese has confirmed that lead was found in one of the two buildings making up the Holy Angels School.

"There's some things going on in this school that are dangerous to our kids," said David Fields.

The lead was discovered during a recent renovation.

The Chicago Archdiocese Associate Superintendent Mary Kearney said, "We tested and found that some had unacceptable levels of lead in the dust."  They believe the ventilation system is the issue.

Parents are understandably angry.

"Our children have been breathing in the air coming through this system that is lead based.  High levels of lead," said Sharon Anderson.

"If some of the kids come out positive with this, what is the diocese going to do then?  How will they rectify the situation?" asked a father, David Fields.

Moly Clark, a mother of a boy who attends the school said, "That particular side is where the gym room is at.  Where the library is at.  Where the title one class is at.  Where the kids are at a lot of the day."

The diocese is offering lead testing to the children, but what will they do next? 

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