Last Living 9/11 Rescue Dogs Gets a 16th Birthday Celebration

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A sixteen year old 9/11 rescue dog got to celebrate her birthday in New York as the last living rescue dog from 9/11.

The Golden Retriever, Bretagne and her owner Denise Corliss were part of the Texas Task Force 1 that were deployed to New York on September 11, 2001.  They worked with other search and rescue teams to find people trapped in the World Trade Center rubble.

BarkPost gave her a birthday party of a lifetime - an all expense paid trip to New York.  "After hearing Bretagne's story and learning that her 16th birthday was coming up, there was no question in our minds that she deserved a dog's best day for the ages," said Laura Hartle, creative producer for BarkPost Video.

Bretagne ate a gourmet cheeseburger, played with toys, and got the chance to ride in a vintage taxi through the city with her ears whipping in the wind.