It's getting hot - let's celebrate with fun facts about air conditioning!

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Who doesn't love a good fun fact?  Today we're celebrating the 66+ temps in the air conditioner service in IllinoisChicagoland area with fun facts about air conditioners (not that I'm eager to use one after the longest, coldest winter Chicago has seen!).

1.  The modern air conditioner was invented in 1902 for a publishing company.  The company kept experiencing issues with their paper expanding and contracting with the weather.  The air conditioner was meant solely for the purpose of making the machines run better - not comfort.

2.  Movie theaters were genius marketers during the Great Depression.  To keep people coming to the movies in the summer months, they installed air conditioners to give people a cool place to go.  Because of the big boom of movie-goers in the summer, the production studios released their best movies in the summer and that tradition has continued to this day.

3.  Have you been to Europe in August?  Have you noticed you're the only one there?  In Europe, air conditioners aren't as popular, so employers offer a month long vacation in August.  Pre-air conditioners in America, employers had the same tradition of month-long August vacations.  Now you kind of wish that we didn't love our AC so much in the US.  Am I right?

4.   Oh, but now I have a fact that might make you change your mind on that.  ACs in hospitals had a huge impact on modern medicine and life expectancy.  The ACs helped defeat malaria, decrease infant mortality, inhibit bacteria growth, and allowed for more advancements in surgery.

5.   Here's a fact that will make you run to F.E. Moran Mechanical Services to right-size your system.  The energy used in the US to power air conditioners (ALONE) is equal to the amount of energy the entire continent of Africa uses.